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    Return on Investment

Return On Investment

Installing the Lighting Voltage Controller WattManager®

Maximize Your Return On Investment

Cost justification of a capital investment consist of two critical components, the payback/breakeven analysis and the lifecycle savings analysis. Careful consideration of these two components of return on investment analysis is essential for good decision-making on any capital equipment investment. This is especially true in the case of installing the Lighting Voltage Controller "WattManager®", because its one and only function is to maximize profit by saving electrical power. Both payback/breakeven and life cycle savings analysis prove the long-term cost saving of investing in quality and performance over the first cost/low bit alternative.


A payback or breakeven analysis evaluates how much time (usually expressed in years) it takes to recover the total cost of the initial investment (equipment and installation). Most companies want to see a payback within 5 years for equipment with over a 10-year lifespan. WattManager® installation far exceeds the usual long-life expectations, because the Return On Investment is less than 2 years and the life of the equipment is longer than 25 years.

Lifecycle Saving

Lifecycle savings is the often-overlooked analysis of a capital equipment investment relative to the cumulative savings over the useful life of the investment; Lifecycle analysis is critical to reaching a true understanding of the potential saving on long life projects (typically 25-30 years). The "WattManager®" 25 years life assures maximum lifecycle Return On Investment.

First Cost/Low Bid

Companies purchasing Lighting Control System "WattManager®" equipment solely on the basis of a low bid/bid spec procurement process will overlook an opportunity to realize significant long-term savings in electrical power.

An investment in Lighting Voltage Controller "WattManager®" is an investment in electricity cost saving, increased life of the facility lighting system, increase efficiency and net profits, rapid payback on investment and no adverse side effects but true energy conservation at its best.

Energy Conservation For Cleaner Environment

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